Threatening not to take action

Reasons: FIR against established individuals: – Too much power can spoil a person. In cases where influential parties are involved the victim is been threatened by police officers to take no action and file no complaint.

EXAMPLE: FIR against a businessman, political leader, MNC gives a problem big time for a common man.

Remedies: In this scenario, you need to solve this problem with smart work more than hard work. What you need to do is note everything, every word said to you by the officer. You can record it if possible and get help from the senior officer in the department after making one or two copies of it. You will be with a proof stating that you were threatened by the officers because here only evidence matters more than sayings. You can also note the time and date when the threatening happened and go directly to senior authorities to check the CCTV present in the police station.

Recommendations: – Be sure that you file a case for a valid reason.