The Hon. Supreme Court had made it a mandate to the disclose the criminal, financial and educational background of the candidates contesting elections…

BUT we hardly try to find that background before we cast our most valuable asset and also, liability- OUR VOTE!


– What is so special about being getting elected?

– How can a lower-middle-class person with the hand-to-mouth position in the society become a billionaire within 15- 20 years with any declared business?

– how can the voters be so stupid to elect a criminal as their representative in the government?

These are some questions that always strike my mind and make me think… 

We are given a set of representatives and we need to choose one amongst them or use NOTA! And we are getting into a 5 YEAR LOVE AFFAIR without even knowing our BETTER- HALF???

ELECTION COMMISSION of India had made an arrangement for its citizens to know the background of these aspirants. We can simply ask the same to the election commission at their website OR at! 


With responsibilities comes power, and letting the power get into the wrong hands is a crime on humanity! Be responsible, be smart, and be enlightened before you VOTE