Jurisdictional Issue

Reasons: Police make excuses that FIR cannot be filed as the incident happened under some other geographical location. Sometimes when there is a case or crime which has happened to you in any of the areas.

EXAMPLE: You are staying in Indore and any mishap happens with you in for say Bhopal while traveling. So you can file a case against the crime in Indore as well with no problem at all.

Remedies: We can go to any police station in Indore or any other region and file a Zero F.I.R which says that you can file an F.I.R against the crime at any police station. But the bitter truth is people are not aware of this term which is made by the jurisdiction for our help and as we are unaware of the fact we don’t get the benefits of The Laws, The Government, The System and we keep blaming them with less awareness.

Recommendation: Be sure that you file a case for a valid reason. As it’s said, when there is no way for you a way is made. It’s just that you need to find that way & that way will lead you to justice. Ask for Zero F.I.R if the policemen don’t file a case due to the jurisdictional issue.