It is the duty of police official to write the FIR in exact words of the victim?

Reasons: Police official is obligated to write the FIR in exact words of the complainant but to make their own work easy they manipulate the words of the complainant and temper the authenticity of the complaint.

For example, police make loot to theft and theft to lose many a time.

Remedies: You must check the FIR that it has been filed as your statements before singing on it. If it is not you must appeal to the police to write in exact words that you have stated. If the police still refuse to do so, application 173(8) can be made to the trial court against the police for not filing FIR properly. Every citizen has the right to file his/her FIR in exact words. Trial Court will then investigate the police by Higher Police officials.

Recommendations: Never sign on the FIR paper until unless it is filed in exact words of your statements. Record the misdeeds through audio/video/photographs if you can. Evidence value the most when you try to prove something.