Important Drafting

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Appointment of an attorney in place of another

By a partnership firm

Collect debts

Company to its branch manager

Conduct sales tax proceedings

Development of property for devlopers

Execute a deed of sale

Executive sale deed

For development of property by owner

General power of attorney 1

General power of attorney

In a court case

Income-tax case

Irrevocable power of attorney

Obtain letters of administration

Particular case pending in a particular court

Partners of a firm to one of them

Power of attorney in a court case

Power of attorney by company to its agent

Power of attorney for executing sale deed

Prepare a layout _ sell plots

Present documents for registration

Raise moneys and mortgage property

Recover rents

Replacement of attorney

Revocation of the power of attorney

Sales tax proceedings

Sanction of building plans etc.

Sell shares

Special power of attorney for admitting execution

Substituted power of attorney

To execute a document

Two persons executes sales deed