Important Drafting

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Advocate claiming damages for defamation

Another notice under section 78b,

Assignment by assignee

Assignment of life insurance policy

Assignment of mortgage

Carrier for damages for loss of goods

Combined notice uneder section 78b, indian railways act,

Creditor to guarantors to pay debt

Debtor to pay debt

Determination of lease for breach

Dishonour of bill of exchange to drawer

Dishonour of bill of exchange to indorser

Dishonour of cheque

Dissolution of partnership

Election by a minor on attaining majority

Expulsion of partner under section 33,

Guarantor to determine continuing guarantee

Intended purchaser to a possible preemptor

Landlord to tenant for demand of possession of house after expiry of lease period

Lessor to lessee to quit

Mortgagee to mortgagor

Not to commit nuisance by constructing latrines

Notice about the employee,

Notice of assignment of debt

Notice of sale of pledged goods

Notice to the assessing officer prescribed authority under section 11(2) of the income-tax act, 1961

Notice under section 80, code 0f civil procedure

Notice under section 80, code of civil procedure

Owner of adjacent land not to make any construction which may invade the privacy

Partner to make available the account books of partnership firm for inspection

Partner to other partners

Pay mortgage money

Payment of advance tax

Public notice in newspaper by the advocate

Public notice of election by a minor

Purchaser for specific performance

Railway for claim of liabilities in tort

Railways under section 78b

Re-sale of goods by seller

Registrar of firms under section 63,

Reply communicating willingness

Retirement by a partner

Revoking licence to graze cattle and reap and remove grass on the land of the licensor

Suit under section 80, code of civil procedure

Tenant to attorn tenancy

Tenant to determine lease

Termination of guarantee