Important Drafting

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Alteration in the names and addresses

Application by an existing company as limites or unlimited company

Application by an existing joint stock company for registration

Application for extension of time under section 108(1d)

Chronological index of charges

Consent of shareholder for shorter notice

Consent of the person

Consent to act as director of a company

Declaration of compliance with the provisions of section 149(1)(a), (b) and © of the companies

Declaration of compliance with the provisions of section 149(2)(b)

Declaration of compliance

Documents delivered for registration by a foreign company

Form no. 21a

Form no. 7bb

Form no.23b

Form no. 34aa

Government for approval to amendment of provisions relating to managing

Information to be furnished in relation to any offer of a scheme or contract

List of the names,addresses and occupations

Memorandum containing salient features of prospectus

Memorandum of complete satisfaction of charge

Modification of charges

Notice by the interested director

Notice of address at which books of accounts are maintained

Notice of appointment of receiver or manager

Notice of consolidation, division, etc

Notice of the court_s company law board’s order

Notice of the situation or change of situation of registered office

Notice to be given by receiver or manager on ceasing to act as such

Notice to dissenting shareholders

Particulars for the purpose of clause

Particulars of an issue of debentures in a series by a foreign company

Particulars of contract relating to shares

Particulars of modifications of charge

Perticulers for the purpose of clause (f)(g) of section 5

Registration of particulars

Receiver_s or manager_s abstract of receipts and payments

Register of charges

Registration of resolution and agreement

Registration of an existing company as a limited company statement

Registration of an existing company as a limited company

Registration of an existing company

Return of alteration

Return of appointment of managing director

Return on allotments

Share transfer form

Statement contenting salient features of balance sheet and pl account,

Statement of the amount or rate percent of the commission payable

Statutory report

Application for registration of a company

Appointment of directors and manager and changes among them

Availability of names

Charge on property in india created by a foreign company

Charge subject to which property in india has been acquired by a foreign company

Conversion of a public company into a private company

Fm17 memorandum of complete satisfaction of charge

For approval of appointment

For increasing the remuneration

For increasing the number of directors of company

For obtaining for obtaining the previous approval for entering into contracts with the company for the sale, purchase

For obtaining for the previous approval for appointment

For obtaining prior consent for the holding by certain persons of any office

For purchase of shares by a company

For the appointment of cost auditors

Form for acquisition of shares

Of directors, managing director ,managerand secretary

Registration of particulars created by foreign company

Transfer of shares of foreign companies