Have you ever been asked for a bribery to file an FIR?

Reasons: At many places, the practice is been adopted that paying a certain amount is compulsory for lodging an FIR which is the direct promotion of Bribery and unethical as well.

Remedies: If the police still force you to give bribery, application 173(8) can be made to the trial court against the police for asking bribery. You do not have to pay a single penny to lodge an F.I.R. It is free of cost. Trial Court will then investigate the police by Higher Police officials.

Recommendations: If possible try to record the incident as evidence against the police. After completion, you MUST carefully read the document and sign it. You have the right to and must get a copy of it for your records. You are not required to pay for the same. You are not required by law to give an affidavit.