Emergency Does not Strike Someone Everyday…

Emergency does not strike someone everyday…
It is often seen that when we owe someone, we run away from the responsibility of that debt and feel that the world had become a dark place just because we have closed our eyes… let apart of the crime that one has committed, that betrayal has become a notion of smartness!
Specially, when we are fighting a court case in India, we can easily imagine a long trail of dates on the basis of this regular emergencies absolutely at the time of appearing in the courtStrangely, our court procedures, contesting lawyers and even the judges just let it happen!
If we are to create a society that enables social justice, equal opportunities for all, liberty for the common man, THIS HAS TO STOP!
An ostrich feels that he has escaped every attack once it has bowed down its neck deep below… but in reality, it becomes an easy prey of the predators!
Anurag Agrawal