An election manifesto is a published document of the contesting political parties that precisely define their aims and policies for the coming tenure of the Government.


While this is the time for the biggest play in the democracy, the elections, the best policy of the political parties to cry foul about the other party…. No one talks of their past performance in terms of their own commitment, their own election manifesto.

What we see and believe is that we are electing the rulers who run the show at their own will, and we don’t even ask them any question about their declared vision for the State or the country! We talk of illiteracy, but I’m shocked to see even the so-called ‘intellects’ only talking of religion, past, crisis, and the present hot topics…

It’s high time that the election manifesto of the parties should become the hot topics of discussion all over the media houses and even the general household; as they are the people who are worse affected by the outcome! The debate should be conclusive of the past and present declarations and the rating of the performance should be done on that basis…

Otherwise, the stories of rags-to-riches are the most common for the people in politics!!!


Management theories say that any culture is imbibed from the top level, and if those sitting at the top of the tree are non- committal; I am really afraid of the future of that NATION as a whole!

Lets make our leaders remember their commitments when they come to ask for the most precious thing we possess- OUR VOTE!!!

Anurag Agrawal.