15th of August 1947, a day that is considered to be written in golden words in the history of India. The day we had a shift in slavery laws, from the British to the hands of today’s constitution that is made and governed by the ‘elected ones.’

Let’s go deep into the history of India, and try and figure out what we have been made of, or how have we come up through the ages.  Right from the Indus valley civilization, we have been ruled by the kings, some good some bad. There were very small provinces, first united by the Maurya Dynasty (as per records), than fragmented. We have always been invaded, and have only tried to save our heads during all these times, rather than uniting together and fighting for a cause. Our culture had been hindered, modified and tempered by the invaders, resulting in the situation today where we are living in the East and copying the West.

The British came to India and started capturing small provinces and with their fantastic planning acumen, conquered the whole country, and the only good thing about it was that for the first time, the country, INDIA, was united, documented and ruled by a single ruler. It was for the first time we had a thing called ‘constitution’ in place, and we were thus introduced to a bureaucratic system.

 So, if I say that since the inception, from nearly 300BC, we have been taught to live as slaves, or we have been genetically modified to follow the laws/ leaders without any reasoning power and the deviation from which is termed as a crime, am I wrong? 

Never the less, the changes have come! Then, we had rulers, their courts and the appointed ones; now we appoint our own ‘rulers.’ Then, we had to run for our heads & lives, and it was the King’s liability to provide food & security; now we have to run for our own food and security needs, our ‘elected ones’ take away their ‘shares’ and are least bothered about what happens to the public. Then, the law & order was always in place; now it has become a pet puppy of some individuals, and the place called Parliament, the court of the elected ones can amend any law of justice for common man. Apparently, today we are in the same position or even worse.

If socio-economic freedom is the perception of some individuals, there are very few, who are actually free of Peer pressure, Family pressure, Government pressure etc… Primarily, every one of us is burdened with liabilities and indebted to each and every one around us in one way or other. And while coming up from those debts, we are either too old to think about ‘freedom’ or we have buried our instincts deep down under the worldly attractions that tempt us to enjoy what we have earned, and those temptations are unending….

Rajnish Osho gave a defining statement to his followers-

“Never obey anyone’s command unless it is coming from within you also.”

Do you hear a voice coming from within??

By Anurag Agrawal