Are police taking too long time for Pre Investigation of your FIR?

Reasons: Many a time police take a long time to investigate the validity of the complaint which leads to delay in lodging FIR as they want to investigate as per their convenience.

Example: In cases like financial fraud police want to confirm first that such fraud has actually been suffered by the victim.

Remedies: If police are not investigating complaint properly, application 173(8) can be made for an investigation by Higher Police Officers. Every citizen has the right to see that his complaint is properly investigated. If the victim has reasons to suspect that police has joined hands with other side and is not properly investigating the complaint, then an application under Cr. P.C. sec 173(8) can be made to the trial court. Trial Court will then direct investigation by Higher Police officials.

Recommendations: Always file a written complaint in such cases and take a duly sealed & signed acknowledgment from the police authority. This may further be used as an FIR or to file a private complaint in the court.